Happiness-at-work in the school place through transformation from within.

What does WemasterEd offer?

WemasterEd facilitates interactive meetings which provide schools with the tools to respond with ease to a constantly changing future environment.

With dialogue as our methodological approach, our aim is to open up shared, inspiring vistas. We eliminate obstructive habits en create room for a new normal.

General information

Who is it for?

Schoolmanagers, management teams, building teams and the Golden Triangle (the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors, and the (General) Participation Council)

Duration of the Programme

The main programme consists of three modules. If required, the programme can be extended.

Course Materials

Participants receive reading tips and more in-depth articles about inspiration, dialogue and intrinsic motivation.

Study load

2-hour dialogue sessions. After each session, participants are expected to do related assignments during their day-to-day teaching.

Number of Participants

A dialogue group consists of a maximum number of 15 participants. If necessary, the group will be split into two smaller groups.


Cost depends on the specific needs and the number of participants. To be determined in mutual consultation.

The Programme Content

The WemasterEd programme consists of three phases.

All sessions are conducted by means of dialogue in the group or team concerned. The number of dialogues in each phase is determined by the needs of the group.

1. The Old Normal

Inspiring Vision

  • Listing current obstacles
  • Listing the organisation’s successes
  • Visualising the unthinkable together


  • Raising awareness of the urgency of change.
  • Getting familiar with dialogue as a new form of communication.

2. The Intermediate phase

Identifying obstacles

  • Listing obstacles standing in the way of the vision.
  • Analysing the character and the effects of these obstacles.
  • Reflecting on one’s own role in the creation of these obstacles.


  • Identifying patterns.
  • Gaining insight in the interrelatedness of factors shaping the current situation.

3. The New Normal

Learning and experimenting

  • Identifying assumptions and convictions.
  • Ending inadequate routines.
  • Commencing alternative routines together.


  • Unlearning and learning as a team.
  • Learning to adapt to developments by doing.

4. Aftercare

Consultation services

  • Unlimited support
  • Helpdesk and sounding board.
  • Operational support through diagnosis and dialogue.
What can you expect?


  • Becoming familiar with safe and honest dialogue

  • Jointly supported inspiration

  • Awareness and understanding of obstructive habits

  • Eliminating obstructive habits

  • Awareness of one’s own contribution to the team.

  • Learning and improving by doing.


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