It is our mission to bring happiness-at-work to schools.

Teachers feel restricted in a culture of control and rules (autonomy). In their experience, they do not get enough credit for their professionalism (competence). There may be an us-versus-them mentality amongst management and team (connection). The intrinsic motivation of teachers is under extreme pressure.

We change all this. Ongoing-dialogue creates a safe, quality culture in which each team member has a sense of autonomy and feels appreciated for their professionalism. Management and team collectively contribute to the school’s inspiration and are personally invested in it. The school radiates happiness-at-work.

WemasterEd history

In 2001, Netty Baan moved to Papua, Indonesia, where she started teacher training in a mountain village. This grew into an educational organisation which trains young people to become intrinsically motivated teachers. Their commitment, sense of responsibility and professionalism visibly impact schools. Netty’s conclusion: intrinsic motivation is a prerequisite for happiness-at-work.

Does this not apply to Dutch education in equal measure? With this in mind, Netty did extensive research into the concept of intrinsic motivation. Having started with the literature, she then had many conversations with teachers at home and abroad, and did quantitative research. The outcomes were clear proof that making use of intrinsic motivation can make a world of difference.

The results of school sessions are very encouraging. Dialogue between management and team about their shared inspiration gives rise to feelings of relief and gratitude. We can finally discuss these subjects. We finally feel connected and discuss the things that really matter. I finally get taken seriously.

About the founder

Netty Baan aims to find fundamental and sustainable solutions. Mere random training is not enough. It should go further and touch the heart. Motivation from within is what keeps people going. It provides inner strength and self-esteem. It increases well-being. That is what she is passionate about.

As a teacher Netty has been involved in education in many different ways, from teaching to management. She speaks the language of the world of education. As a psychologist, she is able to really see and understand people, and to work together to achieve improvements. This combination has proven extremely fruitful in the creation of happiness-at- work in the education sector.

More about Netty
by asking the right questions.

It is good to take a close look at yourself and your team. What are the opportunities and what needs to be adjusted? Forming a good team together requires some coaching. We are happy to have Netty assisting us with that. Her open listening attitude, her ability to ask the right questions, and her respectful approach to her fellow human beings make her a valued coach. Thank you.

C.C. (Lianne) WesterbekeTeaching Assistant at SMDB

We had two agreeable sessions during which Netty managed to put her finger on the weak spots in a very accessible manner (by means of using pictures). As a result, the issues at play in our team could be discussed openly. During the next session, we shared the things we value in our work. In that way, you get to know one another even better and also appreciate one another more. This increases the will to form a close-knit team. In all this, communication is of the essence!


How much happiness do you experience as a teacher in education? The WemasterEd test tests your score on the three elements of intrinsic motivation and shows what you need.

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Plan an inspiration session (no strings attached) and experience the powerful effect of dialogue. Deze open en eerlijke manier van ontmoeten ontspant het team.

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WemasterEd offers an interactive training focused on realizing intrinsic motivation and happiness at work within schools. View our program.

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